MESMA Case studies reports - application of the MESMA Framework analysis
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MESMA Case study overview (Google Earth)

Deliverable 7.7 Google Earth file showing the case studies


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MESMA Framework documents
  1. Deliverable 2.1 Generic Framework (PDF)
  2. Deliverable 2.2 Generic Framework Manual (PDF)
  3. Deliverable 2.3 Protocol for the application of the Gene…
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MESMA Geoportal: literature
  • Deliverable 5.1. Guide to MetadataTools, Data Access Portal and Data Inventory (PDF). This report decribes how MESMA deals with spatial data, how…
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MESMA publications, deliverables and reports

Work package 1: Existing information

  • D1.1 Review Document on the Management of Marine Areas with particular regard on Concepts, Objectives, Fram…
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MESMA Scientific articles


  • Kyriazi Z, Maes F, Rabaut M, Vincx M, Degraer S (2013) The integration of nature conservation into the marine spatial planning process. M…

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MESMA Tools: background
  • Deliverable 4.1 An Inventory of Tools for Marine Spatial Management (PDF)
  • Deliverable 4.2 Initial set of management tools (PDF)
  • Deliverable 4.3…
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Deliverable 7.6 MESMA Video (MOVIE) The video illustrates the content and relevance of the MESMA project.

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