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What is MESMA Central Exchange?

MESMA Central Exchange is a web based application, that offers you the methodology that was developed during the MESMA project. It allows you to work with types of analyses: the MESMA Framework analysis and the MESMA Governance analysis. You can use these analyses to analyse your Spatially Managed marine Area (SMA) in a structured way. The two analyses are complementary. After the analyses, you will have insight in the effectiveness of the spatial management of your study area and you can formulate recommendations. An overview of tools and geotools is available that should assist you during the analyses, by providing suggestions for the type of computer programmes, models, and other methods and tools that you can use, as well as the type of spatial data. Have a look at the short introduction

What is the MESMA Framework analysis

The MESMA Framework analysis is a stepwise approach to analyse the effectiveness of marine spatial planning a certain area. This approach was developed in the MESMA project (Stelzenmüller et al., 2012)

What is the MESMA project

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Who were part of the MESMA project

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