Help Name MESMA publications, deliverables and reports

Work package 1: Existing information

  • D1.1 Review Document on the Management of Marine Areas with particular regard on Concepts, Objectives, Frameworks and Tools to Implement, Monitor, and Evaluate Spatially Managed Areas (PDF).
  • D1.2 Catalogue of European seabed biotopes (PDF)
  • D1.3 Paper on existing knowledge: Katsanevakis et al. (2011) Ecosystem-based marine spatial management: review of concepts, policies, approaches, and critical issues. Ocean and Coastal Management, 54: 807-820. In this paper the state of the art of ecosystem-based marine spatial management is given.

Work package 2: Framework for monitoring and evaluation of Spatially Managed Marine Areas

  • D2.1 Generic framework for monitoring and evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas (SMAs) (PDF)
  • D2.2 Generic framework manual (PDF)
  • D2.3 Protocol for Application of Generic Framework (PDF)
  • D2.4 Paper on Framework SMA: Stelzenmüller et al. (2013) Monitoring and evaluation of spatially managed areas: A generic framework for implementation of ecosystem based marine management and its application. Marine Policy 37:149-164

Work package 3: Case Studies

  • D3.1 and D3.2 Selection procedure and description of the MESMA Case Studies, including annexes (PDF)
  • D3.3 Applicability of Framework: 1st run application of the 9 selected case studies (PDF)
  • D3.4 Position paper on lessons-learned for the improvement of the generic concept and the necessary tools (PDF)
  • D3.5 Comparison paper: Paper on the comparison of case studies, building on the overlap of human pressures and/or priority habitats (PDF)
  • D3.6 Zoning plan of case studies: Evaluation of spatial management options for the case studies (PDF) (Annexes with case study reports in ZIP)

Work package 4: Development and evaluation of management tools

  • D4.1 An Inventory of management questions to be addressed with the tools (PDF)
  • D4.2 Definition and structure of management tools to be used within the case studies: Initial set of management tools developed and published on the web (PDF)
  • D4.3 Set of management tools: Initial set of management tools developed and published on web (PDF)
  • D4.4 Tests of set of management tools: Performance evaluation and validation of the management tools (PDF)
  • D4.5 Final Set of Management Tools. Final set of management tools and recommendations for improvements (PDF Glossy version)
  • D4.5 Final Set of Management Tools: Final set of management tools and recommendations for improvements (PDF report version)

Work package 5: Data standards and infrastructure

  • D5.1 Guide to Metadata Tools, Data Access Portal and Data Inventory (PDF).
  • D5.2 MESMA Data Types and Availability With Recommendations for MESMA SDI incl annexes (PDF)
  • D5.2 MESMA Metadata Profile-AnnexA (PDF)
  • D5.2 MESMA Metadata Profile-AnnexB-implementation (PDF)
  • D5.3 Data model and Ontologies (PDF)
  • D5.4-D5.5 GIS Integrated Map Products, Meta-Database and Interconnected Geographic Database (PDF)
  • D5.6 Guidance, System Evaluation, and Recommendations for Best Practice (PDF)

Work package 6: Governance

  • D6.1 Typology of Conflicts in MESMA case studies (PDF)
  • D6.2 Approaches for addressing conflicts in the MESMA case studies (PDF)

Work package 7: Knowledge transfer and synthesis

  • D7.1 MESMA General flyer (PDF)
  • D7.2 MESMA website (
  • D7.6 MESMA Video (MOVIE) The video illustrates the content and relevance of the MESMA project.
  • D7.7 Google Earth file showing the case studies
  • D7.8 Project synthesis report (PFD)


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