Atlantis is an ecosystem box-model intended for use in management strategy evaluation. It was originally developed in Australia, but is increasingly used in the USA as well. The overall structure of Atlantis is based around having multiple alterna…

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The EcoGIS project is developing a set of GIS tools to better enable both fisheries scientists and managers to adopt ecosystem approaches to fisheries management. Prototype GIS tools are being developed to address fishing effort and catch analysis…

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Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) is a free ecological/ecosystem modeling software suite. EwE has three main components: Ecopath - a static, mass-balanced snapshot of the system; Ecosim - a time dynamic simulation module for policy exploration; and Ecospa…

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Fisheries Library in R

The FLR library is a collection of tools in the R statistical language that facilitates the construction of bio-economic simulation models of fisheries and ecological sytems. It is a generic toolbox, but is specifically suited for the construction…

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Fishery Analyst

Fishery Analyst is an ArcGIS 9.x extension developed to effectively analyze and visualize temporal and spatial patterns of fishery dynamics. The main functions are quantitative estimation and visualization of catch and effort and their variation i…

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GIS methods from BALANCE project

This document contains a list of GIS 'receipes' and indicator uses to evaluate mangement effectiveness. For each subject, the data requirements, step-by-step process and its use as an indicator in the assessment of management performance is descri…

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IBMlib is a generic self-contained individual-based modelling framework able to assess marine habitat connectivity.

  • Eggs/larvae/juvenile/adults may be modelled.
  • Analyze recruitment impact of marine protected areas
  • Model the effect of anthropo…
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Marine Reserve And Local Fisheries Interactive Simulation

This simulation-based exercise is an educational tool that allows users to explore various factors that influence fish population viability and fishery sustainability, and experiment with the use of marine reserves as tools in fisheries management…

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The MSVPA-X model (Multispecies Virtual Population Analysis) is a trophic dynamics model focusing on interactions between fish species within exploited communities. The primary output is time and age-variant predation mortality rates for all model…

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The OCEAN framework is comprised of a suite of tools that includes GIS databases, analyses, and decision support systems for spatial analysis and interpretation of ecological and socioeconomic data. It allows scientists, managers, and communities …

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SPAM (Sandeel Population Analysis Model) is a spatial explicit process-oriented scenario simulation tool to study the influence of various environmental, climate and anthropogenic factors on sandeel stocks. Sandeel stocks, being mid-trophic in the…

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