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The EcoGIS project is developing a set of GIS tools to better enable both fisheries scientists and managers to adopt ecosystem approaches to fisheries management. Prototype GIS tools are being developed to address fishing effort and catch analysis, area characterization, bycatch analysis, and habitat interactions. 
Prototype GIS tools are being developed to address fishing effort and catch analysis, area characterization, bycatch analysis, and habitat interactions. 
These tools generate spatial and temporal analysis using specified criteria from a variety of data sources, including base map layers and fishery dependent and independent data. 
The end products will enable simplified and more efficient data query, the ability to visualize data over time and to synthesize multi-dimensional data from diverse sources, and to provide new information for analyzing specific issues from an ecosystem perspective. 
Data confidentiality: While some fisheries managers and scientists have legal access to private data in order to analyze a fishery in detail, the confidentiality of the original data must be maintained to ensure individual privacy.

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Oracle, Microsoft Acces or file-based formats such as CSV files. An option for users to input their own data from comma-seperated text files to the Fishery Mapper was added.

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Spatial and Temporal

The user can define the area of interest interactively on screen or by entering coordinates. The tool identifies available data layers that have data within the area of interest. The user can select one or more of these layers, specify a time period of in


This ArcGIS extension creates time-and-area summerized maps of fishing catch and effort from logbook (VMS), observer, or fishery-independent survey data sets.

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Yes: ArcGIS is not freely available

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