Tool name * DPSIR

The differential DPSIR (Drivers, Pressure, State, Impact, Response) is a tool for integrated ecosystem management and was developed to evaluate impacts on the coastal environment. It consists of an adaptation of the Drivers-Pressure-State-Impact-Response to understand the inter-relations between ecological and economic dynamics of coastal zones. The aim of the differential DPSIR approach is to provide scientifically-based information required by managers and decision-makers to evaluate previously adopted policies as well future response scenarios.

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What step(s) in analysis framework 2b
What step(s) in Governance framework

Data on the activities and associated pressures, state changes and impacts within a study area.

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Information of DPSIR in the stydy site can be interpreted by users and policy makers, however, the catagorization and collection of data to fill in the Drivers, Pressures, State changes, Impacts and Responses requires expert judgement.

Spatial and Temporal

It can be used to frame all spatial and temporal scales.


Conceptual analysis of pressures and impacts.

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Not available

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