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Morpho helps scientists to create and manage data, and to share it with others. Morpho allows scientists to create metadata, (i.e. describe their data in a standardized format), and create a catalog of data & metadata that can be used to query, edit and view data collections. It was created to provide an easy-to-use, cross-platform application for accessing and manipulating metadata and data (both locally and on the network, so that it works equally well in the field and lab). Morpho also provides the means to access networked data servers such as Metacat, which provides searchable access to large collections of data collected throughout the world. Morpho can be used to perform the following basic operations: Create and Edit Metadata Search and Query Metadata Collections View Data and Data Collections Verify and Edit Data Provide Access Control To run Morpho, you must have Java 1.6 or later installed on your computer.

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What step(s) in analysis framework 2a, 2b
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