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BTM (Benthic Terrain Modeller) functions as an interactive toolbar within ArcMap, and relies on a methodology to analyze benthic terrain from input multibeam bathymetry in ESRI's GRID (raster) format. The BTM toolbar contains a set of tools that allow users to create grids of slope, bathymetric position index and rugosity from an input data set. An integrated XML-based terrain classification dictionary gives users the freedom to create their own classifications and define the relationships that characterize them. A unique feature of the tool is its wizard-like functionality that steps users through the processes involved in benthic terrain characterization, and provides access to information on key concepts along the way. More experienced users can access the various tools contained in the BTM for ArcGIS directly from the toolbar.

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Bathymetric data set.

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Spatial and Temporal

Standardization of the raw BPI values allows for the classification of BPI data sets at almost any scale.


BPI (Bathymetric Position Index), which is a modification of the topographic position index (TPI) algorithm that is used in the terrestrial environment.

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