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BVMtool (Tool for marine biological valuation mapping) is a set of R scripts automating marine biological valuation calculations based on the biological valuation concept as developed by Derous et al. 2007 and described by Deneudt et al. 2013. Based on a recommended format for data input, the script facilitates the calculation of a number of valuation questions that are commonly solved when observational data on species densities are available. The results of the valuation questions are summarized in final scores for each ecosystem component and can be combined with the final results obtained for other ecosystem components. Subzones can be defined as raster grid cells of a desired size or can be based on polygons of a habitat classification provided by the user. The script also offers the possibility to run a number of quality control procedures on the input data, including a taxonomic quality control using the web services built on the World Register of Marine Species.

Category All, Data, Decision Support, Spatial Analysis, Visualization
What step(s) in analysis framework 1a, 2a
What step(s) in Governance framework

Observational data on species densities for different ecosystem components. Grid dimensions of subzone grid to be created. Input GIS layer (shapefile) with subzone polygons. List of keystone species or habitat forming species.Data needs to be formatted according to input data format defined in Deneudt et al. 2013; a number of quality checks are included

Data Quality Required


Modification Required

Minimal modification required for use. A number of variable settings near the beginning of the script may need to be adapted

Expertise Required

Standard use: R beginner; Modifications to include new functionalities: R advanced

Spatial and Temporal

Marine habitats


Biological valuation maps in image or shapefile formats

License cost issues

No: provided the tool is well referenced


Not available

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