Tool name * Terobuoy wave action gauge

The Terobuoy wave action gauge is a tool designed to provide a reliable proxy measurement of wave energy intensity and direction within the intertidal zone on high energy coastlines. It consists of a mechanical device and analysis methodology to provide direct comparisons of wave energy levels between specific locations.

Category All, Impact Assessment
What step(s) in analysis framework 2b
What step(s) in Governance framework

Temporal, spatial and directional data of wave energy impacting specific study areas.

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Little technical expertise needed for data analysis but fieldwork collection of data requires trained personnel

Spatial and Temporal

Multiple devices require a separation distance of 60cm. Temporal scale depends on average wave energy levels at the site with a minimum of one week monitoring resolution per site up to several months.


Assessment of shoreline wave energy due to natural and anthropogenic changes to the wave regime, such as adjacent wave energy developments. Economical long term monitoring of study sites

License cost issues

No: Not available


A poster on the tool is available online

Literature: References & Manuals *

Papers, conference proceedings and explanatory information available from Heriot-Watt University (ICIT). Email