Tool name * Hydata Sonobuoy

The Hydata Sonobuoy is a device to determine the absolute underwater acoustic sound pressure levels from natural or anthropogencic sources in the marine environment.

Category All, Impact Assessment
What step(s) in analysis framework 2b
What step(s) in Governance framework

Temporal and spatial sound data of sound sources impacting specific study areas

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Little technical expertise needed for the operation of the equipment; however data analysis requires experienced personnel.

Spatial and Temporal

Can be used within all spatial and temporal scales required for monitoring marine environments.


The determination of possible disturbance impacts to marine mammals and other ecology from sound sources, such as marine tidal energy devices. Can also be used in the regular monitoring of study sites.

License cost issues

No: Not available


A poster on the Hydata Sonobuoy is available

Literature: References & Manuals *

Papers, conference proceedings and explanatory information available from Heriot-Watt University (ICIT). Email

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