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HIPRE 3+ (Hierarchical Preference Analysis, web) is a decision support software integrating the two most well known easy-to-use decision analysis and progblem solving methods: AHP - The Analytic Hierarchy Process SMART - The Simple Multiattribute Rating Technique You can run both methods independently or combine them in one model. HIPRE 3+ is designed to be a powerful yet simple tool to be used by the decision makers themselves. HIPRE 3+ gives you a visual and customizable graphical interface. It makes the structuring, priorization and analysis of complex issues an easy and intuitive process. A group decision support version of HIPRE 3+ (HIPRE 3+ Group Link) is also available which can be used in group meetings to support the decision making process, or in research assignments where several prioritizations given by the AHP are combined into a preference programming model.

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