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The AHP-OWA module brings the capabilities of two major procedures of Analytical Hierarchy Process and Linguistic Quantifier Ordered Weighted Averaging into ArcGIS environment for spatial decision making problem solving.

Overview: This tool integrates ArcGIS with an analytical hierarchy process (AHP) module using quantifier-guided ordered weighted averaging (OWA) procedure. AHP-OWA is a multicriteria combination operator. The nature of the AHP-OWA depends on some parameters, which are expressed by means of fuzzy linguistic quantifiers. By changing the linguistic terms, AHP-OWA can generate a wide range of decision strategies. We propose a GIS-multicriteria evaluation (MCE) system through implementation of AHP-OWA within ArcGIS, capable of integrating linguistic labels within conventional AHP for spatial decision making. We suggest that the proposed GIS-MCE would simplify the definition of decision strategies and facilitate an exploratory analysis of multiple criteria by incorporating qualitative information within the analysis.

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