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DIVA (Dynamic and Interactive Vulnerability Assessment) is a user-friendly tool that allows its users to produce consistent quantitative information on a range of social, ecological, and economic coastal impact indicators based on user-selected climatic and socio-economic scenarios, as well as coastal adaptation strategies. DIVA was developed within the European-funded project DINAS-COAST (Dynamic and Interactive Assessment of National, Regional and Global Vulnerability of Coastal Zones to Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise). DIVA comprises four major components: 1. A detailed global database with biophysical and socio-economic coastal data; 2. Global and regionalised climate and socio-economic scenarios until the year 2500; 3. An integrated model of interacting biophysical and socio-economic coastal processes including adaptation 4. A graphical user interface for selecting data and scenarios, running model simulations and analysing the results. The information produced by DIVA will enable its users: - To explore the effects of climate change on coastal environments and societies; - To explore the costs and benefits of coastal adaptation options; - To set priorities for international co-operation with respect to climate change and development; - To use data, scenarios and results for further scientific and policy analysis. DIVA does not support analysis for operational coastal management and planning, as this requires a differently scaled approach. (from:

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The DIVA Tool is currently not available for download due to a lack of resources for maintaining and supporting the software. The DIVA Model, the computational kernel of the DIVA Tool, is being further developed, but without a continuous funding base and without a graphical user interface. The release of new versions of the DIVA Tool with a graphical user interface is contingent on the availability of future funding.

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