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EASy (Environmental Analysis System) is an advanced GIS with the capability to view, analyze and store diverse types of environmental data. EASy has been successfully used in a wide range of applications from resource management and oceanography, to pollution studies and coastal monitoring. Unlike other GIS software, EASy has been specifically designed to display data utilizing time, depth and geo-spatial information. This dynamic 3-D capability is vital for studying marine and terrestrial environments with their complex horizontal and vertical structures. Tech support available Documentation available:printed manuals and integrated help systems for both EASy-GIS and Netviewer GIS Webserver component; users manuals available for plug-in modules/extensions: Fishtracker (processing/analysis of electronic fish tag data); HOPAS (marine optics analysis package); Mariculture (3D dynamic modeling of aquaculture bioenergetics and environmental impacts); programmers guide to EASy API under development; installation guides for both EASy-GIS and Netviewer GIS Webserver component. Installation disks available for EASy-GIS, Netviewer and all Extension modules. Classroom tuition available using established training material and hands-on workshop tutorials. Support available by contacting developers. Users groups in Europe, Australia, and USA Equipment Needs Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98

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EASy handles a wide range of formats for raster images, vector representation including DXF and shapefiles. Thus, most data from other types of GIS software (such as ESRI’s products) can be imported. The software also facilitates broad, platform independent access to data, integrated visualization products and analytical tools over the Internet via Netviewer. It also features advanced automated downloading of new data sets, such as daily satellite imagery. EASy can integrate audio and video information. It provides a most friendly interface for importing a diverse range of formats

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Spatial and Temporal

EASy is the dynamic (time-based), 4-dimensional home for data, allow 2-dimensional (map-based) visualization with interactive drilling and slicing of dynamic 3 dimensional fields. EASy handles both historical and real-time data streams. It graphically renders dynamically in time, within their proper geo-spatial context, both field and remotely sensed data and model outputs as diverse types of plots, including vector, contour, and false color image plots. Vertical structure of data, critical in oceanographic applications, is depicted as vertical contours for user-defined transects or depth profiles at selected point locations. Time series of measurements, and dependencies between data at individual stations can also be visualized interactively as XY-plots.


Graphical images. Furthermore, EASy can export images, measurements, and model data in formats accessable from scripts created with the 'R' statistical package.

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