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Mercury is a Web-based system to search for metadata and retrieve associated data. Mercury incorporates a number of important features. Mercury

  • Invokes a new paradigm for managing dynamic distributed scientific data and metadata
  • Provides a single portal to information contained in disparate data management systems
  • Provides free text, fielded, spatial, and temporal search capabilities
  • Puts control in the hands of investigators or other data providers
  • Has a very light touch (i.e., is inexpensive to implement)
  • Is implemented using Internet standards, including XML
  • Supports international metadata standards, including FGDC, Dublin-Core, EML, ISO-19115
  • Is compatible with Internet search engines
  • Is based on a combination of open source tools and ORNL-developed software.

The new Mercury system is based on open source and Service Oriented Architecture and provides multiple search services including: RSS, Geo-RSS, OpenSearch, Web Services and JSR-168 Portlets. Skills needed basic software deployment skills Tech support available Technical support is available case by case. Equipment Needs Mercury is an Opensource based software. It needs: Java, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL (from:

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What step(s) in analysis framework 1a, 1b
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Mercury has the capability to extract, or harvest, metadata from HTML pages or XML files located anywhere on the Internet. No special software is needed by the data provider, only a Web server on which to post files.

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Basic software deployment skills

Spatial and Temporal

Not available


Not available

License cost issues



Not available

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