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POLCOMS (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal-Ocean Modelling System) is a POL community model system developed with the assistance of the NERC High Performance Computing Initiative, specifically Mike Ashworth at the Daresbury Laboratory and Icarus Allen at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Multi-disciplinary modelling is coming of age. The development of observing/monitoring systems coupled with rapid advances in computer power means that near-real time model-based marine management systems capable of monitoring coastal zones and determining sustainability are just around the corner. POLCOMS lays the basis for such a model-based system. He central core is a sophisticated 3-dimensional hydrodynamic model that provides realistic physical forcing to interact with, and transport, environmental parameters. Integrating from ocean to coast, or vice versa, biological production and the fate of contaminants can be determined. (from:

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Yes, 3D hydrodynamic model suitable for coupling with ERSEM.

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