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ERSEM (European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model) is a generic model that describes the pelagic and benthic ecosystems and the coupling between them. (from: ERSEM (the European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model) is a mature plankton functional type model that was initially developed by a framework 3 project1. It is related to NPZD type models but includes several refinements necessary to correctly represent the key processes of temperate shelf ecosystems; the main ones being some plankton community complexity, the microbial loop, variable nutrient stoichiometry, variable carbon : chlorophyll ratios and a comprehensive description of benthic biochemical and ecological processes2,3,4. Figure 1 illustrates the trophic structure of the model whose top closure is provided by a relatively simple mesozooplankton description. The units of currency of ERSEM are Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Silicon & Oxygen. ERSEM may be coupled to a range of hydrodynamic models in 1D (GOTM)5 or 3D (POLCOMS or NEMO)6 which provide information on T&S, mixing and circulation or run alone in ‘aquarium’ mode. Figure 2 illustrates the Atlantic Margin Model domain, the typical 3D domain currently used The resolution is ~7km with 32 sigma layers. Much effort has been applied to the evaluation of this model system7,8,9. ERSEM, or its close relation the Biogeochemical Flux Model (BFM), have been applied to other systems including tropical upwelling and oligotrophic situations2 and globally10 with some success. ERSEM has recently been extended to include the carbonate system giving it a predictive capability for future acidification states; impacts on ecosystem processes are being coupled in, as information becomes available11. (from

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NW Atlantic Shelf, North Sea and others (around Europe)


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