Tool name * C-PLAN

C-Plan is an interactive decision support system for conservation planning. It links with GIS to map options for achieving explicit conservation targets It can be used as:

  • an interactive tool during negotiations over land use planning;
  • a tool to aid individual planners in identifying alternative systems of reserved lands that meet their conservation requirements;
  • an educational tool to demonstrate conservation planning principles to students;
  • a research tool for gap analysis, conservation planning, and simulating alternative futures for an area of land under study.

Software requirements: It interfaces with ESRI ArcView GIS 3.X, Marxan, and spatial configuration software to create an interactive decision support tool.

Category All, Decision Support
What step(s) in analysis framework 1a, 1b
What step(s) in Governance framework

The basic data used by C-Plan consist of: •a set of planning units;•biodiversity and environmental features occurring in those planning units;•representation targets for those features (normally in hectares).C-Plan uses dBaseIV as its principle data format, so includes a range of sophisticated and generic functions that can be performed on dBase tables. This includes SQL querys, tableimports, table joins and editing tables manually. It is a fully featured and customised database management system, principally for building C-Plan datasets, but it can also be used on other dBase tables.

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Yes, knowledge of GIS

Spatial and Temporal

Not available


Outputs of C-Plan include; •'irreplaceability' values for each planning unit;•feature reports showing the representation level of each feature;•alternative reservation 'scenarios' generated by C-Plan processes.

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