Tool name * HyperNiche

HyperNiche is user-friendly software for nonparametric regression. Our primary purpose is to provide a flexible tool for multiplicative habitat modeling - habitat models where the predictors are combined multiplicatively rather than additively. This is a flexible and powerful approach to habitat modeling.

Category All, Numerical Model, Others, Spatial Analysis
What step(s) in analysis framework 2a, 2b
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Response Variables presence/absence quantitative Predictor Variables quantitative categorical

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

*.wk1(easy import/export from Excel and most statistical software) File structure compatible with PC-ORD Import/export *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv format GIS grid file (*.asc) input/output

Expertise Required

Not available

Spatial and Temporal

Not available


HyperNiche has many potential uses: Build habitat models for species presence-absence (estimate likelihood of occurrence in relation to multiple habitat parameters or other predictors).Build habitat models for species abundance (estimate abundance in relation to predictors).Estimate physiological response surfaces in relation to 1, 2, or more environmental parameters. Open your physiological variables as the response matrix and your environmental variables as the predictor matrix.Build empirical models of species diversity in relation to multiple predictors. Place your diversity measures (calculated with PC-ORD or a spreadsheet) in the response matrix.Relate community ordination scores to multiple environmental variables. Save your ordination scores in a spreadsheet, then open this as the response matrix and your environmental variables as the predictors.Optimize sample stratification - choose combinations of variable to maximize differences in a response variable among strata. Place potential stratifying variables in the predictor matrix, then conduct a free search to find the best combination of variables for predicting the response.Build multiple regression models for any nonlinear response to multiple interacting factors.

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