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ArcView 9.x extension that provides a conservation planning framework helps users integrate conservation with land use and resource planning of all types Vista was specifically designed to support non-GIS and non-conservation experts to assist integration of conservation with other assessment and planning activities.

Category All, Mapping, Spatial Planning
What step(s) in analysis framework 1a, 2b
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Contains a wizard to create input files for Marxan and import Marxan results into a planning and policy environment Basic types of input for Vista include: Planning region reference information (boundaries, streams, roads, place names, topography, digital orthophotos, etc.) Element distribution maps (Nature Serve Heritage network element occurences, Fish and Game species habitat maps, vegetation cover maps, modeled distribution maps, scenic views, historic sites, etc.) Element occurence attributes (viability, integrity, confidence) Element information (name, weight, goal, conservation unit, minimum required area, etc.) Existing land use map Current land use and management policy maps (zoning, public land management plans, etc.)

Data Quality Required

Modification Required

Not available

Expertise Required

Project coordination and management Geographic information services Data management Metadata documentation Terrestrial ecology Terrestrial zoology Aquatic ecology Aquatic zoology Non-biological domain expertise (depends on the elements of interest to the analytical user, e.g. farmland conservation, archaeological sites, etc.)

Spatial and Temporal

Vista cannot process a combination of layers that exceed 1 billion pixels. Projects exceeding approximately 1 million hectares (2.2 million acres) a trade-off must be made among the project extent, the number of conservation elements, the spatial resolution and the planning sites.


Summarize Conservation Value Identify Your Conservation Elements Evaluate Scenarios/Cumulative Impact Assessment Model Ecological Condition Explore Sites and Create Mitigation Plans Document Your Analyses and Generate Reports Output format: HTML, raster map

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