Tool name * GRID

GRID (GeoReference Interactions Database) is [under development as] a web-based flexible database and tool to analyse interactions (conflicts and synergies) that has a GIS (GeoInformation System) application to analyse spatial distribution of current and future activities (fisheries, aquaculture, energy etc...) and interactions (existing and potential synergies and conflicts). The GRID allows the following analyses of spatial conflicts:

  • Interaction matrices
  • Plot of maps
  • Calculation of stress level
  • Calculation of asymmetric spatial overlaps
Category All, Decision Support, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Planning, Visualization
What step(s) in analysis framework 1a, 2b
What step(s) in Governance framework

Maps (shapefiles, WGS) for activitiesInformation on the atrributes of the activities (time scale, vertical scale, spatial scale, mobility and location), information on the attributes and levels of the interaction, specification of interaction rules.

Data Quality Required


Modification Required

Some modification maybe required to convert the geographical data to a suitable shapefile.

Expertise Required

Presently the system requires a medium level of GIS-expertise to prepare for the data, followed by a high level of commitment for completing a series of scenario calculations.

Spatial and Temporal

Spatial scale is flexible and dependent on the geographical dataset that are made available to the system. Detailed case studies can be made,but broad-scale analyses across a wide area are also possible.Temporal scale is treated on a limited scale, considering short/medium/long term. This is a.o. used in the interaction rules.


a. Matrices of conflict scores b. Plot conflict scores into maps with only two activities selected. In a map theoverlapping areas can be plotted in a color code derived from the conflict scores.C. Calculation of stress level, as % of activity A blocked by competing activity Bd. Calculation of spatial overlaps between activities.

License cost issues

Yes: possible for the future, presently no cost involved (d.d. 2012-09-14)


Not applicable, under development as a web-based tool. Website at Username and password required for access to the tool.

Literature: References & Manuals *

Not presently (sept 2012) available on the internet. Check either of the following websites to search for this type of information: